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Rethymno, Crete

3 h

Private Groups

English / French

Food Pairing

80 € per person

My motherland, Crete, has produced the liquid gold of olive oil for centuries, using many of the same simple methods over time. After studying in France and working on European projects as an economist in Athens, I moved to Crete in 2009.  Now, I also work for the Region of Crete (the local government) in the Agrifood sector.

After training and specializing on olive oil I decided to start my personal journey into the light and world of olive oil here in Crete, where one of the oldest olive fields is situated of the Mediterranean.

Just being able to sit, to walk in the presence of trees that are over 500 years old is an amazingly humbling gift.

Tasting, learning, recognizing the aromas, perfumes tastes of the stories that exist in different olive oils one not only tastes the juice of an ancient life form but also the geography of the area of where the tree is.

You can taste the sunkissed Mediterranean and orange blossoms or sweet tomatoes in every olive drop.

I believe that we are all connected, it is amazing how from an olive tasting we travel through time tasting antiquity,  history, tradition, culture, to the specific aromas landscape, soil, flowers that embrace the trees with the knurled trunks  – the olive trees. 

Let’s embrace it together